• Our badminton court at PS105 is now open on wed, Thu, Sat, and Sun. Racket and other equipment are available for purchase and rental. 

  • All Basketball, Soccer, and Badminton classes have resumed. 

This form is for Remax Recreation 's students from pre-COVID to reserve their makeup classes. 

Our organization is now operate under the name  "Reflex Recreation". We have upgraded our coach team and have new class plan and new fee schedule. Make up classes will be provided based on the number of classes needed, not based on price value. 

Our understand everybody has a busy schedule, to accommodate that, we offer two entry points for make up class. Students who wish to receive a make up classes must register by the deadline stated below. No more make up classes will be offered after the below stated date. No refund will be provided. After you filled out the form, our staff will review it within one week and contact you through text message or email to confirm your reservation. 

If you like the classes and would like to continue learning with us, please consult our coordinator.

在疫情前已註冊的Remax Recreation學生請填妥以下表格申請補課。

我們的組織現在以“Reflex Recreation 勵健體育會”的名義運作。我們對教練團隊和課程設計進行了升級,課程規劃和收費均有所改動。補課是以需要補課的課堂數量提供,而不是按學費價值進行補償的。