• Our badminton court at PS105 is now open on Mon,wed, and Sun. Racket and other equipment are available for purchase and rental. 

  • All Basketball, Soccer, and Badminton classes have resumed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 related

A. What can I use to prove my vaccination status?

    Physical vaccination card, photo of your vaccination card, The New York State (“NYS”) Excelsior Pass, photo of your vaccination sales receipt are all acceptable.

A. I had been vaccinated for COVID-19 in another country, could I play?

    Currently, we allow players who are fully vaccinated with COVID vaccines made by Pfizer-Biotech, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson.

A.  I recently tested negative for COVID-19 but not vaccinated, could I play?

    No. Currentlys, we only allow fully vaccinated players. 

A. I had tested positive for COVID-19, recovered, have antibodies, BUT not vaccinated, could I play?

    No. Currently, we only allow fully vaccinated players. 

A. Do you allow children under 12 who are not vaccinated for COVID-19 to play at your court?

    We allowed fully vaccinated children to enter the court. 

A. I got one shot of the Pfizer-Biotech / Moderna vaccine. Could I play?

    No. Currently, we only allow fully vaccinated players. 2 shots of Pfizer-Biotech, 2 shots of Moderna, or 1 shot of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines. 

Reservation related

A. Do I need reservation?

    No. However, Reflex reserves the right to limit number of guests in the court when concern of Covid-19 arises.

A. How long can I play?

    Admission fee will cover the whole session time. Morning session covers 9am-1:45pm. Afternoon session covers 2:15 -7:00pm. You share the court and rotate with other   players.     

A. How does it work?

    We have two gyms, five badminton courts. Usually, most players play double. A group of four players will play one game, then they switch side, play another other game.       Then, another group of 4 players will rotate to use the court. If we have too many / too few players, this routine may change. Our court coordinator will assist you and manage     this process. 

A. Can I come in late?

    Admission fee will cover the whole session time. You can check in anytime during the session. 

A. I don't have a state ID, Can I use student ID as my ID?

    Yes. Student ID with photo are acceptable.

A. When is the court less crowded?

    Morning session is recommeded for big group and social-distancing concerned players. 


A. Instead of sharing a court with other players, Can I rent a private court?

    Yes. Admission Fee and Court Rental Fee⬇️


    Please text us at 347-762-9395 to book a private court

A. If I come by myself, how can I find someone to play with?

    Please speak to our court coordinator. He/She will recommend a match for you. 

A. Do you have racket/shuttlecocks rental?

    We offer old birdies for practice with no charge. Racket rental is available. $8 each. Quantity limited, reservation preferred. Rackets/ new shuttlecocks are also available for sale.

A. Do you string rackets?

    Yes. Stringing service is available. Turnaround time is about one week. Please call / text us for details.

A. How can I contact you?

    Text us on Google Map / Facebook or 347-762-9395 are the fastest way.

A. I don’t want to play badminton, can I play other sports?

    Yes. Group can book our court for basketball / indoor soccer. Contact us for details.

A. How many courts do you have?

    Two gyms. Five badminton courts. Laminated wood floors with lines.  Air-conditioned.

A. Do you offer sports training classes?

    Yes. Youth basketball classes are open for registration. Badminton and soccer class will reopen soon.

A. Do you take credit card?

    No. Cash only. 

A. Do you open on weekday?

    Yes. Wednesday and Thrusday night 7:00-11:00pm