• Check out our new badminton court location. PS939, IS281, IS220, Staten Island

  • All Basketball, Soccer, and Badminton classes have resumed. 

To all Players, Parents, and Students,


It has been so long. We are very happy and excited to announce our public badminton court at PS 105 will reopen this coming Saturday, 7/24/2021. We look forward to welcoming you back!   Our new schedule as following:


Every Saturday and Sunday: 

Session 1: 9:00 AM —1:45PM

Session 2: 2:15PM — 7:00PM

PS105 (1031 59th street, Brooklyn NY 11219 )

Our #1 Priority is Keeping Everyone Safe


In order to provide a safe playing environments to each our players, our center rules have been changed, please read the followings carefully:


1.   Everyone, including all players and staff, will be screened for COVID-19 on entering the court. Screening questionnaires and temperature checks are required every time you enter the court. 


2.   Only fully vaccinated players and staff are allowed to enter the court. (Moderna 2 shots, Pfizer 2 shots, Johnson 1 shot). Please bring your ID and CDC immunization card (phone photos accepted). Sorry for any inconvenience, thank you for your understanding in advance.


3.   The court now operates with limited capacity under Covid-19 social distancing considerations. To avoid overcrowded court and have a smooth gaming experience, our badminton court operate in two sessions with a fresh air break in between.

4. Everyone is required to disinfect their hands BEFORE entering the court. We encourage everyone to maintain personal hygiene habits to protect yourselves, your family, and all players. Wash hands often, keep social distance and wear masks when not engaged in moderate to high-intensity exercises. We recognize this will probably be the most difficult requirement in terms of comfort. However, in the current situation, health safety for both members and staff must necessarily be everyone’s first priority. 

5. Food and drink (except water) are not allowed in the court. Please bring your own water in plastic bottles.  Food sharing is absolutely prohibited. 


6.   If you are feeling sick, please stay home and rest. Always welcome when you are fully recovered.


7.   Admission fee has been changed.  Click here for Details.

Please contact our customer service for more information.  

Phone/Text: 347-762-9395 

Website: http://www.reflexrecreation.org

Line: @638iibnb


We are extremely appreciative of your support during these recent difficult months. Hope to see you soon.

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